Monday, 16 April 2018

Minecraft Education Holiday Camp

Well, how do I begin? I am the first to admit that running a holiday camp for Minecraft fanatics really did seem like a good idea at the time. 

I followed school protocol and got the program up and running and was excited to step outside my comfort zone. I worked out the challenges that students were to complete and purchased Minecraft memorabilia as prizes. I organised registration and payment methods and was ready to go.

Then Day 1 came. Wow. 35 students. 35 students aged 7-13yrs. 35 students screaming. Couldnt connect to wifi, couldnt find our intranet, couldnt download the software, needed a bathroom. I thought 'what have i done?' Shortly after my mini breakdown, everyone seemed to be connected. Builds were taking place and conversations between students emerged. Every single student was engaged and determined to win the 'prize of the day'.

It is Day 2 right now and the fact that all 35 students arrived at the iCentre before I arrived eager to start todays challenge to win a prize just melted my teacher heart. The builds that these students are producing are exceptional. Their skill set in gamification, programming, computational thinking is just out of this world. I am so glad that I ran this and am looking forward to tomorrows challenge and running this camp again in the next set of school holidays. 

This program isnt just based on the premises that students can come to a place and play, it brings students with a specific set of skills and particular personalities together. It acts as a social and learning space where students can demonstrate and showcase their talents in a safe learning environment.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Minecraft Education - 2018 Style

It is 2018 and its time for a new Minecraft Club. As I peruse the room, I look around and see mainly boys aged 11-13 years literally screaming over one another to discuss what they should be creating, destroying, collaborating, doing within their virtual world. It is such an eclectic group of students as is their skill set. 

Using Minecraft Education not only provides students with a platform for them to be creative and skilled, for many, it is a way to meet new people. There are such amazing students sitting in this room and few have social friendships that go outside those that sit amongst them. The focus for my Minecraft Club this year will certainly be on the social aspects as well as the technological development of each and every student.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

First Day of Minecraft Club

Today is the first day of Minecraft Club and over 30 students joined us in the Connected Classroom after school for 2 hours. The group of students were all eager existing players of Minecraft, some of whom who even run their own Minecraft servers (in their personal time).

We spent the first session learning about each other and downloading the necessary software (via Interestingly, some students were able to download the software whereas some were not able to due to the restrictions of the departmental network.

All of the students who were able to download the software and log-on to Minecraft were able to enter the IP Address of the GHS world and enter it with great ease. Students even began recording their adventures using their own screen capture software which will be added to this blog soon. 

The goal of the Minecraft Club this term is to assess the skills and abilities of students and as well as determining the capabilities of Minecraft Edu. Next term (term 4), we will introduce a specific digital curriculum that students will complete using Minecraft Edu.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Reflecting on the past

Reflecting on what my students did in the past and working on the new curriculum that will embed Minecraft Education -